Our Team

Lucy Cronje: Originally from the U.K., Lucy obtained a B.A.(Hons) degree prior to training at the Montessori Centre International (MCI).  Before emigrating to South Africa in 1990, she taught at a Montessori School in London and lectured for MCI. In 1991 she established a training centre on their behalf in Durban.  Lucy founded Ocean View Montessori School in 1993 and is a partner and co-principal of the school.  She continues to run Montessori training courses in Durban as part of the Montessori Centre South Africa. Lucy has a special interest in environmental education, curriculum development and visual art. She is currently Studying for her MA in Education.

Rose Lowry: Originally from Zimbabwe, Rose studied for a B.A. degree at Natal University before working in personnel administration.  She qualified as a Montessori teacher with MCI in 1993 and joined Ocean View in 1994 as a partner and co-principal of the school. Rose has a special interest in psychomotor education and the eco schools programme.

Yumna MooIa: After travelling and working in London, Yumna completed her Montessori Training with MCSA and joined Ocean View in July 2016. As a mother of two young boys, she is fully aware of the importance of the early years of education and the fostering of independence.  Yumna is fascinated with language development and ways to foster this.

Eileen Subramanian: Joined Ocean View in 2018 after completing her Montessori Training with MCSA.  She has wide experience of working as an au pair with all age groups.

Umia Daya: Umia qualified through MCI in 1995.  She joined Ocean View in January 1998 and has worked in all age groups since then.  Umia has been running the Toddler group since 2000 and has been very involved in the development of the toddler curriculum.  Umia joined MCSA as a trainer in 2013.  She lectures in all curriculum areas and, with Lucy, is a partner in ‘Follow the Child’ the Durban branch of MCSA.

Classroom Assistants

We are ably assisted in the pre-primary phase by three lovely assistants; Anaida, Samantha and Sizi, who are all busy completing their Montessori training requirements.

Primary staff

Claudine Gopal: Joined Ocean View in January 2017.  Claudine completed her Montessori Training with MCSA in 2013 and has worked extensively as an au pair and Grade R teacher.  She will be completing her B.Ed. through UNISA in 2019, and has completed the the MCSA Primary course.

Larissa Narainsamy: Joins in 2018. Larissa has a degree in Psychology and completed the MCSA Pre-primary course in 2014.  She has undergone a primary training and taught in a Montessori Junior Primary for 3 years.  She will undergo the MCSA Primary upgrade course in 2019.

Support staff

Happy Maphanga: Joined the school in 1994.  She has completed some Montessori workshops and the Montessori Child-minder’s Course.  Happy is responsible for housekeeping and assists in the classroom and garden as needed. Her personality lives up to her name!

Princess Peter: Joined Ocean View in 2007 and assists Umia in the Toddler Group.  She has also completed the Montessori Child-minder’s course.

Bonga Gumede: Joined Ocean View in 2008 and is responsible for gardening and maintenance. Bonga has completed courses in ‘permaculture gardening’ and is a trained chef and painter.

Specialist part-time providers

Chess: This programme is included in the fees as a weekly lesson for the Primary class. Weekly lessons are also offered as an extra mural for 5 – 6 year olds.

Shelly Haggard: Joined Ocean View in 2004, as our Speech and Drama teacher.  Shelly is a professional choreographer and is passionate about instilling confidence in our children through performance. Shelly directs our annual school play.

Annari van Jaarsveld: Is a qualified music teacher and delivers our weekly music lessons for the pre-primary and primary classes.  She also offers keyboard, guitar and voice lessons as an extra-mural.

Virginia Mungwe: Joins Ocean View in 2019 to deliver the weekly Zulu lessons to the primary class.

Renaldo Jacks: As a coach for Little Kickers, Renaldo is passionate about the importance of sport in early years development.  He now runs our junior primary sports programme.

Loraine Hicks: Joins Ocean View in 2019 as the Primary swimming coach.