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2024 School Applications for Toddler to Grade Three and Learning Studio Applications for Grade 4 - 7 Now Open

“When all 3 of my kids started at Northlands the teachers would ask which school they came from and when I would tell them Ocean View, they would say that explains why they are so bright. The kids that they would get from Ocean view always came out top of the class. I now have my fourth child at Ocean View"

Yasmeen Amla

Our children have benefited immensely from the Montessori system at Ocean View. We highly recommend this wonderful school. Thank you to Lucy & Rose for a wonderful 3 years.

David Tedder

"The transition into mainstream at Grade Four has been amazingly smooth. Our son is excelling physically, socially and academically. Montessori and the Oceanview teachers played an unmatched role in the successes that he achieves today. He is very lucky to have had the foundation and teachings that he did. We pray for his continued passion for sport and learning. Above all we pray we always have him innately happy and confident as he has been and continues to be.”

Poonam Mistry

"Dear Ocean View team, we fully appreciate your hard work, intentional effort and values based approach in preparing the COVID-19 policies and getting the school ready for all grades to return. Not an easy time. Together we are stronger.”

Cristy Leask

"This is such an amazing little school. It's like a family and a very nurturing, homely environment. Both my kids were very happy there and developed a lot of confidence. They also looked forward to school each day because the learning process is so engaging and fun. When they joined a mainstream school in grade 4, both were far ahead of their contemporaries in all subjects."

Jill Nash

"We have spent 5 years in OVM and the level of dedication from the teachers is exceptional. It is truly a family!! The planning that goes on for special occasions, art displays, excursions, year-end shows and the different sports is amazing. I could not have chosen a better school that teaches both parent and child. My daughter loves going to school every day."

Nonhlanla Ngcobo

"I love the whole ethos of this incredible school - small school with the biggest heart. They celebrate each child for exactly who they are, and value a Montessori-led education weaved into a lens focused on nature and the environment. Every teacher is kind and caring. Highly recommend!"

Robyn Talbot

"I am a Montessori Ocean View fan. They are so attentive, mindful, thoughtful, flexible. I can’t imagine better school for my kids."

Dianna Mustafina