The Junior Primary Class


The Primary Class (The Sea-Gulls)

Age 6 – 9  years, Grades 1 – 3

Class size, 10 pupils per year group: 1 teacher 


Having been fully  nurtured in their pre-primary phase, children enter our primary class ready for new challenges. Intellectual stimulation at this stage lays a solid academic foundation and facilitates the development of divergent thinking.

Independent work, group work, communication and collaboration are all fully facilitated in the Montessori Primary learning environment.  Promoting curiosity and facilitating explorations leads to the growth of knowledge.

Moral awareness also starts to develop, and children desire to become involved in community projects, learn about cultures and social graces. 

This is fully encouraged by our inclusive learning environment and through our involvement with environmental and outreach work.

Curriculum and Feedback

At Ocean View, we are fully aware of the requirements of The National Curriculum and the Curriculum and Assessment Policy for each grade (CAPS).  We are able to meet all of these requirements through delivering our integrated Montessori Curriculum as detailed below.

Careful planning and record keeping using the ”ChildCloud”app  ensures that progress is monitored and assessed. Children in the Montessori Primary Phase also  keep a personal work record which promotes time management and supports the development of Executive Functioning. Regular feedback is given through parent meetings and classroom observations.  Written reports are given twice a year.

Our teaching team are experienced in identifying areas of difficulty in learning and will guide parents in making appropriate referrals to specialists as needed.  Following which, we adopt a team approach in order to give full additional support. 

The ”ChildCloud”app is used for all school communication.


The Maths Materials

The concrete foundation gained at the pre-school level gives the child an incredible springboard into Primary maths and beyond.  Montessori described the child as having a ‘Mathematical Mind’: they have a natural desire to absorb, manipulate, classify, order, sequence, abstract and repeat. Our approach to teaching develops a love for and confidence in the subject. With agility in mental maths and an excellent understanding of operations, children are very well equipped for their next stages of education.

The Language Materials

Conversations, stories, poems, jokes and quizzes continue in the Primary class with an emphasis on developing a confident level of reading and writing, spelling and handwriting. All of this is underpinned with grammar exercises to support comprehension and creative writing.

Additional Languages

At Ocean View we have chosen to teach both isiZulu and Afrikaans as first additional language level in order to give flexibility for children’s future choices at Grade 4.

Knowledge and Understanding of the World

Following on from their introduction to this curriculum area in the pre-school, the children are primed with curiosity for  geography, history, biology, science and  world cultures.   In the Primary class we build on this knowledge with what Montessori called the ‘Great Lessons’: the story of the formation of the Universe and the development of life on Earth. These stories form the basis of class and individual projects with research and learning integrated across the curriculum.  The curriculum and project research form an excellent foundation for Natural Science in Grade 4.

Visual Art

The children will have established some excellent skills in the pre-school.  This talent is further developed with the introduction of  new techniques and exploration of the work of artists throughout history. The annual school art exhibition is always a treat to view.


The class have a weekly drama lesson with our school drama teacher, the very vibrant professional actor, Cara Roberts.  They  learn to recite poems and verses expressively and to collaborate in developing scenes and mimes.  Confidence in self-expression and an enjoyment of teamwork and performance result. All of this comes together with great excitement in our annual drama and music review.


The children have a weekly music lesson with our school music teacher, Nkosi. The focus is on singing and developing a love for the subject.  Some musical theory is included. Our annual drama and music review is not to be missed!  Nkosi offers private instrument and voice lessons at Ocean View after school hours.

Enviro Club

Gardening, harvesting and recycling are all regular activities. Our  projects include; working with Durban North ‘EnviroFixers’, beach clean-ups with Adoptariver SA,  fundraising for World Rhino Day, the design and manufacture of re-usable shopping bags, the making of Eco Brick furniture and support for Isibonelo Creche in Ndwedwe, to mention a few!  The primary class are also the main drivers behind the organisation of our ‘Party for the Planet,’ an annual event to mark World Environment  Day.


All children participate in a weekly chess lesson with our school Chess Coach, Mr Njapha.  We participate as a school in many local tournaments, and are proud to have children representing KZN at National competitions.

Swimming Lessons

Take place in terms one and four,  before school at Ducklings SA Swim School in Durban North,  with our professional swimming coach Lorraine Hicks and supervised by the class teachers. Children are transported back to school by the ‘Dial a Coach’ minibus.

Coding and Robotics

All children in the primary school have a weekly lesson, using the Lego Spike kits, which operate with a coding language based on ‘Scratch’. The children work in small groups to solve problems through building and coding robots using the apps that have been installed onto designated laptops. These lessons are excellent for the promoting collaboration.

Ball Skills

Take place on Thursday mornings at Riverside Sports Club, with our Sports Coach Renaldo Jacks. The teaching focus is as follows; term one; ball skills/cricket, term two; soccer, term three; hockey term four; cricket .

Extra Murals

Music: Individual Keyboard, guitar and singing lessons with Nkosi.

Breakdance with Superkid of Survivors Dance Crew and Yoga with Hannah from ‘Little Yogis.’


Children may be dropped off from 7:15am and collected at 14:00, 12:45pm on Fridays.  Aftercare is available until 16:30 daily. Holiday care is provided for part of every holiday.

Daily Requirements

Parents are to provide a healthy snack, with water to drink. Our school drinking water is filtered, so bottles can be topped up throughout the day. An extra snack will be needed for aftercare.