Senior Primary with Evolve Online School


The Senior Primary Class with Evolve Online School (The Learning Studio)

Age 9  – 12 years, grades 4 -7

Class size, 12 pupils; 1 onsite learning coach

The Ocean View Learning Studio in Partnership with Evolve Online School

Senior Primary, grades 4 – 7


An opportunity for your child to study through Evolve Online School in a small and supportive setting, supervised by a qualified and committed learning coach, where collaborative and integrated learning is fully encouraged.


At Ocean View, we thoroughly prepare our pupils to enter the mainstream at Grade Four. In recent years, however, we have recognised that some families are opting for less traditional senior primary and high school education models for their children. They are attracted to the greater flexibility home schooling offers but require support in daily routine and maintaining a social network for their child.

The Solution: Blended Learning

The Ocean View Learning Studio aims to address these needs by offering a ‘blended learning’ model with ‘Evolve Online School.’ This is the online school division of ADvTECH and the brainchild of Principal Colin Northmore. With many years of teaching, leadership, and lecturing experience, Colin is committed to personalising learning for each student. He believes the ‘perfect storm’ of cognitive science, technology and educational theory can make this a reality, redefining teaching and learning ( Evolve Online ).


Why ‘Evolve Online’​

At Evolve Online, pupils are fully emerged in the learning process, building confidence, and promoting independence and responsibility. This approach has direct synergy with the Montessori teaching philosophy. The child’s independent efforts are guided and supported, and skills for communication and collaboration are developed.


Evolve Online pupils have a personalised, daily timetable of live online lessons, plus support in learning to navigate the digital learning space. The CAPS curriculum is used as a framework, working towards an IEB  exit qualification at Grade 12.  Again, like the Montessori approach, learning is integrated. All subjects are taught in themes, enabling learners to merge skills and find links between subjects, promoting the development of critical thinking.

Evolve Online School places a distinct focus on mastery ‘vs’ marks:

Evolve Online School places a distinct focus on mastery ‘vs’ marks.  Students can have multiple attempts at, and tailored support for the completion of tasks. This approach ensures that students do not move on to the next grade with gaps in their knowledge and affords the opportunity to consolidate their understanding of concepts. Pupils who excel in subjects can work ahead of their grade, and students needing more support can be given extra time to achieve mastery.


Students are fully prepared for their IEB matric examinations at the end of Grade 12. Furthermore, the Evolve Online approach goes beyond rote learning of facts for exams. Students develop an analytical approach to information which readies them for their next steps in education and the modern workplace.

Our Learning Coach

Trish Sewpershad has a Bachelor of Education degree in intermediate and senior phase. With five years of experience as a class teacher behind her, she is keen to take a more individual approach to education.  

As part of the Ocean View Learning Studio team, she has the opportunity to nurture individual children on their learning journeys using Evolve Online’s cutting-edge curriculum and online platform. 

Trish is  at the Studio daily, providing support and supervision to our Evolve Online students and liaising with parents.


Our Setting

Based at the Italian Club, 82 Fairway, Durban North, the Studio is in a secure and homely setting. The students have the option of using individual or collaborative working spaces. There are quiet reading areas and immediate access to outdoor space for movement breaks and nature activities. There is also a tea station for their use, and we will encourage the preparation of healthy snacks and occasional shared meals.

Our Routine

Students may be dropped off at the Studio from 7.30 am, and online lessons commence at 8 am as per individual timetables. They will have work to cover and assignments and assessments to prepare for in between. Trish is there to  ensure that students stay on task, and to give additional help as needed.

Additional Activities

School work generally finishes at 2 pm, and after this, there will be the opportunity for optional group exercise sessions according to demand. We can also arrange music lessons, chess coaching and additional language lessons. We will encourage the pupils to set up some entrepreneurial projects they can work on together at the Studio after school hours.

Tech Requirements

Students in grades 4 to 6 require an iPad and earphones (laptops can be used from grade 7.)
We provide a fast, and reliable fibre connection and a printer. Evolve Online has a relationship with iStore Education and offers parents a small discount on devices. They can sometimes arrange for a used device at a significantly discounted price. Please discuss this with Evolve Online directly.


Evolve Online Fee paid directly to Evolve Online.

The 2023 annual tuition fee for grade 4 upwards is R25,200

Students at the Durban Studio will receive a 5 % discount on the Evolve Online Fee.

Fees can be paid annually or over 10 months

Full Details:


Learning Studio Fee paid directly to OVMS

The fee is R2200 per month 

Join us for 2024

We currently have a small group of students from grades four to seven. We will employ more learning coaches as the group grows, progressing to grade 12 in the years ahead.



Please email to schedule an appointment to discuss admission for 2024.


For a complete overview of the approach, curriculum, delivery, and support visit:


Please register for Colin Northmore’s Webinar that is held every Monday at 7 pm by clicking this link

We look forward to hearing from you and guiding you through the application process.