Pre Primary Class


The Pre-primary Class (The Sandpipers)

Age 3- 6 years 

There are three groups Grade 0, 00 and Grade R, 

each with 12 pupils: 1 teacher and shared assistant.


The child is now ready for a wider range of friendships and is much more comfortable being away from home. Montessori observed that children of this age have the ability to  absorb information like a sponge. Learning and language development proceed rapidly, fully supported through a dynamic relationship between the child, the teacher and the learning environment.  The three year period in our pre-school provides excellent preparation for Grade One, both at Montessori and Mainstream schools.  More than this it is a preparation for life of learning.

Ocean View is registered with the Department of Basic Education to provide Grade R.

We have developed a unique and stimulating programme that covers all the requirements of the National Curriculum in depth,  without compromising our Montessori Practice.

Settling-in and Feedback to Parents

When settling new pupils, we offer staggered starting dates so that each child can be eased into their new routine.   The small group size ensures plenty of individual attention. Feedback is given through parent meetings, written reports and classroom observations. Our teaching team are experienced in identifying areas of difficulty in learning and will guide parents in making appropriate referrals to specialists as needed.  Following which, we adopt a team approach in order to give full additional support. 

We use the interactive ”ChildCloud” app for all school communication.

Daily Activities

Montessori Activities of Everyday Living

Teach children skills for independent living (dressing, personal hygiene and care, food preparation, cleaning, gardening and classroom skills.)  The activities also assist in the development of fine motor control and concentration.

The Sensorial Materials

Provide opportunities for the systematic refinement of the child’s five senses, through matching, grading and building with materials unique to the Montessori curriculum. Focus is given to shape, dimension, colour, pattern, textures and sounds.  Concentration and problem solving skills are developed, leading to intellectual development and divergent thinking.

The Language Materials

We aim to promote a love of books and reading. Language skills are enriched: vocabulary, conversation and comprehension are developed through daily circle time discussions, project lesson and story time.  The phonic approach is used  very effectively, for the teaching of reading and spelling. Work with the Montessori materials develops the fine motor control and directionality required for handwriting. Practice with the iconic Montessori sandpaper letters help the child to achieve neatly formed and evenly spaced letters.

The Mathematics Materials

Building on the skills learned from the sensorial materials, the children establish a concrete understanding of quantities and numerals; an essential foundation for maths. They quickly and confidently move on to problem solving with a variety of materials, leading  towards an understanding of abstract concepts and confidence in mental maths and the performance of all operations. An appreciation of the use of maths is developed; sorting, weighing and measuring, telling the time, tallying and handling data are all integrated into our project work.

Knowledge and Understanding of the World

We aim to follow the child’s curiosity and answer the ‘why?’ questions, fuelling the desire for further learning. We teach the children about the world, its geography, people, cultures, religions, history, nature and science.  Project work is integrated across the curriculum and often includes nature walks, experiments and outings.  International and local awareness days and events are celebrated throughout the year with favourites being; World Recycling Day, our ‘Party for the Planet’ to mark World Environment Day, Water Week, Mandela Day, Arbor Week, World Rhino Day, and Heritage Day.

Visual Art

Painting, collage, cutting and sticking are freely chosen. We also introduce a wide variety of media and techniques through art activities relating to  termly projects. ‘Up-cycling’ is part and parcel of our creative work. Our annual art exhibition provides a great opportunity to showcase creations.

Speech & Drama

These weekly lessons, taught by our school drama teacher, the very vibrant professional actor, Cara Roberts.  Through having fun, playing team games, acting out scenes and  learning poems, the expression of emotions  and confidence are developed.


Our weekly music lessons are taught by our qualified and experienced music teacher, Nkosi Shem, making a huge contribution to the all-round development of the children. Our annual Music and Drama concerts are not to be missed! 


Each group has a weekly PE lesson that incorporates balance, stretching, core strength, ball skills and all gross motor movements. Our annual sports day gives experience in participation and the development of self-confidence. Extra-mural activities, taking place after school hours,  further support what we offer during the school morning. 

Extra Mural Activities

We used well established and trusted providers.  These activities take place straight after school in order not to disrupt our teaching time:


Football  Factorie


Break Dance Grade R Upwards

Environmental Projects

We received our ‘Eco-School’ Diamond Decade award in 2016, and continue our environmental work at the school with great passion.  At Ocean View, wildlife activities, recycling and gardening are an integral part of our curriculum.  We have developed a  community food garden which  is tended by all pupils who grow fruit and vegetables to share in the community.  Termly activities are structured around environmental and community related needs  to promote awareness among children and their families.


Children may be dropped off from 7.15 am and collected at 12.45 pm.  Aftercare is available until 16:30.  Holiday club is available for part of every holiday.

Daily Requirements

Parents are to provide a healthy snack, water to drink, and extra lunch for aftercare, along with a change of clothes. 

Our school drinking water is filtered, so bottles can be topped up throughout the day.