Toddler Group


Toddler Group (Penguins Nest)

Ages, 18 months – 3 years

Class size, 12 pupils: 1 teacher and 1 assistant


Our Toddler environment provides a nurturing experience for little people taking their first steps out into the world. The loving and consistent approach of our team  facilitates the development of trust, which quickly eases the settling  in process.

At this stage of development, learning takes the form of exploration using movement and senses.  In order to maximise this, we offer the Montessori toddler curriculum and  provide many opportunities for indoor and outdoor play.  The development of language, social skills and independence are promoted through all these activities.

Settling-in and Feedback to Parents

When settling new pupils, we offer staggered starting dates so that each child can be eased into their new routine.   The small group size ensures plenty of individual attention. Feedback is given through parent meetings, written reports and classroom observations. Our teaching team are experienced in identifying areas of difficulty in learning and will guide parents in making appropriate referrals to specialists as needed.  Following which, we adopt a team approach in order to give full additional support. 

We follow the parent’s lead with regard to potty training and the process is integrated in the daily school routine.  Children do need to be fully potty trained before moving into the pre-school.

We use the interactive ”ChildCloud” app for all school communication.

Daily Activities

Montessori Activities of Everyday Living

These activities are designed to teach the child skills for independent living, as well as to refine motor control, promote order and develop concentration. Some examples of skills taught are: pouring, transferring with a spoon and tongs and pegging. The outdoor activities of sweeping, raking and scrubbing are also firm favourites and are excellent for gross motor development.

Montessori Toddler and Sensorial Equipment

These activities have been designed to stimulate the senses, refine motor control and develop problem solving skills, providing a foundation for all future learning.

Circle Time

Is used as an opportunity to discuss news and project work, through which, vocabulary and general knowledge develop. Recent projects have been ‘me and my family’, ‘pets’  ‘the garden,’ ‘transport’ ‘community helpers’ and ‘farm animals.’

Story Time

Stories and poems help develop listening skills, comprehension and vocabulary. Language enrichment in the early years  develops a love of books and reading and a pathway to knowledge.

Art Activities and Music

Painting, drawing, play-dough and sticking activities are used to enhance creativity, fine motor skills and social and emotional development.


There are songs and nursery rhymes at circle time, as well as a weekly music lesson with our school music teacher, Nkosi, a highlight of the week!

Free Outdoor Play

The Toddler classroom flows into an enclosed outdoor space where children can safely explore nature with their senses.  With the inclusion of  an outdoor ‘kitchen’ dolls, prams, trollies, motorbikes, sandpit, water play, jungle gym and swings, there are  endless  play opportunities. Valuable social, emotional and gross motor development takes place during this time under careful supervision. The Toddlers also enjoy gardening activities such as raking leaves and planting seeds.


Children may be dropped off from 7:15am and collected at 12:30pm.  Aftercare is available until 16:30 daily. There is a nap time for those that need it during the afternoon session.  Holiday care is provided for part of every holiday.

Daily Requirements

Parents are to provide a healthy snack and water to drink.  An extra snack will be needed for aftercare.Our school drinking water is filtered, so bottles can be topped up throughout the day.

Nappies, wipes and creams, along with a change of clothes are also required.