Our Teaching Environments

The Prepared Environment

Montessori referred to the classroom as the ‘prepared environment.’ Unlike a traditional classroom, it is an open space that promotes freedom of movement, sensory exploration and independence.  Montessori advocated simplicity and the use of natural materials  to enhance the learning experience.  The prepared environment is a critical component of Montessori education, and of equal importance to the teacher.  The teacher’s role is to prepare and curate beautiful teaching materials based on children’s developmental needs and interests and to give appropriate guidance in all aspects of learning.  


Our Toddler, Pre-primary and Primary environments are light and inviting and purpose built for each age group. Each is fully equipped with the appropriate range of high quality Montessori materials and a wealth of curiosity stimulating books and learning resources.  Our outdoor environments are carefully tended to promote an exploration of nature and a full range of play experiences for all ages

Sustainability and Environment

We give careful attention to sustainability in our environments and only use environmentally friendly and non-toxic cleaning products.  We also ensure that our stationery and craft supplies do not create thoughtless waste.  We have a full recycling programme in place at school that we also encourage families to make use of.