Ocean View Montessori School

Partnering with Parents

As teachers we get so excited about sharing our knowledge of Montessori parenting and education. We share the ideas and tips that have helped us understand both ourselves and all aspects of our work with children.


We understand in our fast-paced world social media driven world, there is a wealth of advice that you can tap into on parenting at any given time.  The result can be overwhelming.  Added to this can be peer pressure, with friends seeming to get everything just right, not to mention issues created by the generational gap with your own parents possibly seeming rather concerned about your family routine.


The result could well be that what started out as an interesting exercise in finding out about parenting could leave you feeling inadequate and stressed!  And then on top of that …. up pop parenting tips from school!  Argh!


At this point, we have a little disclaimer, whatever we share comes from a place of love and humility, never judgement.   The parenting framework that we present is authentic, heartfelt, and simple.  All that is required of you is some planning, deep breaths, a smile, and lots of love:


Essentially, we are encouraging a ‘mindful’ approach to parenting.  Although Dr Montessori did not use the term mindfulness in her writings, ideas such as ‘following the child’ and giving the child space to grow, as expressed most eloquently in “The Absorbent Mind” (Montessori, 1993) are central in her Philosophy.

By being mindful in our role as parents and teachers (being present in the moment, watching and listening with a non-judgemental and open heart), we are best positioned to observe and facilitate the needs of the children in our care, by providing:


  • Love and creating a framework of trust and respect.
  • An environment rich in language.
  • Opportunities to use hands for practical tasks leading to skill and independence.
  • Opportunities to refine the five senses and to connect precise language to those experiences.
  • Opportunities for movement .
  • Opportunities for a repetition of activities leading to self-mastery.
  • Social guidance on how to interact with people.
  • Truthful and accurate information.
  • Opportunities to exercise his or her will within appropriate limits.

With this in place, we can all enjoy the little people’s growth, marvel at the miracles of development and proceed with intention, joy, and humility.


Lucy Cronje


Principal, Ocean View Montessori School, 2023