“When all 3 of my kids started at Northlands the teachers would ask which school they came from and when I would tell them Ocean View, they would say that explains why they are so bright. The kids that they would get from Ocean view always came out top of the class.  I now have my fourth child at Ocean View”  Yasmeen Amla (2018)

“Since my son has joined grade two in the Junior Primary at Ocean View Montessori, I have been blown away by his self-confidence and his delight in engaging with the world.  Where before it seemed that school was an overwhelming experience for him, now he now starts each day with excitement.  It feels as if he is fully engaged in the content and material on offer at school rather than navigating routine with anxiety.

Thank you Ocean View for providing an environment that sees my son for who he is, an environment that allows self-confidence and autonomy to flourish.” Nikki Fitzsimons (2019)

The transition into mainstream at Grade Four  has been  amazingly smooth. Our son is excelling physically, socially and academically. Montessori and the Oceanview teachers played an unmatched role in the successes that he achieves today. He is very lucky to have had the foundation and teachings that he did. We pray for his continued passion for sport and learning. Above all we pray we always have him innately happy and confident as he has been and continues to be.” Poonam Mistry (2019)

“Dear Ocean View team, we fully appreciate your hard work, intentional effort and values based approach in preparing the COVID-19 policies and getting the school ready for all grades to return.  Not an easy time.  Together we are stronger.” Cristy Leask (2020)