Our Enviro-Club was formed in order to bring focus to our ongoing environmental activities.  As Montessori educators we have a passion for giving our  pupils opportunities for rich experiences in nature.  Not only for to give joy and to enrich their all round development, but to to awaken their desire to protect our planet.

Following  10 years of involvement with Eco Schools, received our Diamond Decade Award and have since joined  the international One Planet Organisation.

One Planet is a digital platform that encourages schools and businesses to  create, collaborate, connect and share their ideas, efforts and resources.  There are 10 principles to work towards:

Health and happiness, equity and local economy, culture and community, land and nature, sustainable water, local and sustainable food, materials and products, travel and transport, zero waste and zero carbon. Our published plan, which details how we integrate these principals into all aspects of education and management at Ocean View can be viewed at: https://oneplanet.com/futuremakers

Signature One Planet activities at Ocean View include:

  • Healthy eating, fitness and well being
  • Recycling programme
  • Eco-bricking and making of eco brick stools
  • The design and manufacture of re-usable shopping bags
  • Conscious waste reduction in shopping and snack packs
  • Beach Clean-ups
  • Nature study and walks
  • Fund raising for Thula Thula Rhino Orphanage
  • Community work with Durban North Enviro-Fixers
  • Community food garden and veggie produce sales
  • Outreach work with Isibonelo Creche, Ndwedwe

We are collaborating with another One Planet School, Gagle Brook Primary School https://www.gaglebrook.org.uk/ in  Oxfordshire, UK, and many exciting learning opportunities are arising. We are currently logging family walks and runs in order to jointly cover the distance between Durban and Oxfordshire, meeting up in the middle, Abuja, Nigeria with study of culture, geography and environmental issues taking place along the way.